Friday, December 14, 2012

Why real estate is the best investment now

Low credit interest for their savings combined with low interest rates - the current situation is an ideal breeding ground for the flight into real values. What is important when buying a property. 
Gold Concrete, Concrete Gold - Gold and concrete again. 

The ongoing for months urge the Germans moved into real estate not only the house prices, but also the German Bundesbank. 
You will suddenly Price exaggerations no longer rule in some regional markets. Experts expect further prices and rents But for the more expensive of the rediscovered form of investment real estate, there are good reasons. 
Contributes in itself "the growing housing shortage in many cities much for the price and rents at" Andreas Mense, economist says at Erlangen University and co-author of the study "house prices and rents are rising in 2013 many German cities further." Another reason the German Bundesbank calls itself: "flight deemed safe investments is an important special issue, especially in the urban areas." ... Plant emergency due to low interest rates: Why real estate is the best investment now


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