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Why real estate is the best investment now

Low credit interest for their savings combined with low interest rates - the current situation is an ideal breeding ground for the flight into real values. What is important when buying a property. 
Gold Concrete, Concrete Gold - Gold and concrete again. 

The ongoing for months urge the Germans moved into real estate not only the house prices, but also the German Bundesbank. 
You will suddenly Price exaggerations no longer rule in some regional markets. Experts expect further prices and rents But for the more expensive of the rediscovered form of investment real estate, there are good reasons. 
Contributes in itself "the growing housing shortage in many cities much for the price and rents at" Andreas Mense, economist says at Erlangen University and co-author of the study "house prices and rents are rising in 2013 many German cities further." Another reason the German Bundesbank calls itself: "flight deemed safe investments is an important special issue, especially in the urban areas." ... Plant emergency due to low interest rates: Why real estate is the best investment now

Rich managers drive the property prices

Housing costs explode. Reason is the many luxury apartments that are being built. Buyers are often well-heeled companies handlebars that go into retirement and preferably move to the cities.

Even the name promises idyllic tranquility and pure luxury: The Lenbach gardens in Munich, the Sophienterrassen in Hamburg, Andreas Quarter in Dusseldorf.

Everywhere in Germany are currently being built in the middle of the city, new apartment blocks - which are nothing less than that, because it's rather pompous properties that promise in advertising: "More is not luxury." And where many wondering who the estimated prices can actually afford.

But the demand is there. And it's growing, with the result that the future rather more such residential palace to be built. However, this has an impact on the other residents of their respective districts. Even for them in the living is getting more expensive, even if they continue to live only in a boring block from the 50s.

Living in the city is again made attractive

"Many inner cities evolved tremendously in recent years to their advantage," says Uwe Schmitz, CEO of Frankonia Eurobau AG, one of the largest property developers, who also created and especially those luxury accommodations.

After the war, were there quickly and hastily new apartment blocks have been raised, equipped spartan and rarely constitute architectural highlights.

But in recent years, the city planners have done a lot, living in the city again to make it attractive. For example, the center of Düsseldorf is the construction of the tunnel moved closer to the Rhine river. That should make the city more livable.

20,000 euros per square meter - Setai condos Miami Beach

And now leads to the desired result. People want to stay there again, even and especially those with high incomes or large assets. "Many managers who have earned over the last ten to fifteen years, put a lot of money, now to rest," says Schmitz, "and they do not want to retire to spend in the country, but in the middle of the city." He counts them to the main clientele, the newly built luxury apartments buy.

For only they can afford real estate, where the price per square meter, as in Hamburg, starts at 7000 Euro and which are at least 100 to 120 square meters. In Munich, for apartments in this category are particularly attractive locations now even prices of up to 20,000 euros per square meter required. And paid.

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Gerard Depardieu and his real estate empire

Wealthy thanks to his film career, Gérard Depardieu also derives significant revenues from its many properties. A review.

Gérard Depardieu never ceases to wipe criticism since the announcement of his departure to Belgium for tax purposes.Aged 63, the actor, one of the best paid in France, has a real estate empire. 
Firstly the mansion he sold, and located rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris, for a total 50 million according to some sources. Completely restored by the actor, the sumptuous residence of 1,800 m2 is partly registered historic monument.

A fishmonger, restaurants ... 
In the same street in the 6th arrondissement, the man has other assets, such as a wine bar, or a fish. Local residents are also used to cross regularly. 
And that's not all. The actor also owns two other restaurants in the capital, vignoles, or a production company. In 2010, her film roles he had earned nearly two million. An incredible heritage for which the actor does not seem to support paying taxes .

Real estate market in France: good and bad news for 2013

From 1 January next year, property taxes will become much more detrimental. Indeed, many new taxes should enter into force in the coming days.
Rates are low, prices fall, and yet it is really time to invest in real estate? The year 2013 is fast approaching and, from 1 January, the tax may be less attractive to owners once the draft 2013 budget vote. A review of the changes to come.

The device Duflot more restrictive than the Scellier

The government expects the tax rate reduction will be 18% in France and 29% overseas investment and will last between 9 and 12 years, with perhaps a bonus for buildings with very high energy performance. It is superior to conventional Scellier (13% over 9 years) and Scellier intermediate (17% over 12 years and 21% over 15 years). But the total investment shall not exceed EUR 300 000.

However, access to the device will be more difficult for investors. Rents of dwellings built will be capped and 20% lower than market rents, a more restrictive threshold than the Scellier. A real headache for real estate professionals because there is no tool to determine what city by city market price.

A-taxation of capital gains

MEPs adopted an amendment raising taxes on real estate gains . They decided to apply a surcharge on real estate gains (principal residence excluded), previously taxed at 19%, 2% from 50 000 3% 100 6% 000 to 250 000 euros.

The buildable land more heavily taxed Gains on building sites will be submitted from 2015 onwards, a progressive scale of income tax.

To cause "shock land" and encourage owners to sell in 2013 and 2014, taper relief on the duration of the detention of the land, up to the total exénoration after 30 years, is deleted.

A tax to fund archaeological

A new tax will affect individuals by building their flag . Leaning against the development tax, this fee is used to finance the diagnosis and study of archaeological remains buried in the basement. According to government estimates, the increase in the tax planning would amount to about 9% in the provinces and 7% in Ile-de-France. The first 100 square meters of construction will be exempt. Which ultimately will lead taxpayers to pay 277.20 euros for the conctruction a pavilion of 150 m2 and 314 euros province in Ile-de-France.

Charges dropped

However, some good news to report. Owners will thus avoid both taxes.

Luxury real estate is doing well

The deputy PS, Mathieu Hanotin had presented an amendment to tax the real estate purchases . The tax was 1% for a good equivalent or greater than one million, 2% for goods of two million, and so on up to 10% for purchases of goods in excess of 10 million euros

The tax on housing "under-occupied" abandoned

The amendment concerned the housing "under-occupied" . An annual fee of 5% for these units in urban areas experiencing a marked imbalance between supply and demand should be established to "unassigned furnished accommodation to the main house" . That rate was calculated from the cadastral rental value of housing. Finally, the government gave up defending this text MPs pressure PS.

A tax on vacant housing already exists but the government decided to harden and expand the agglomerations of more than 50 000 against 20 000 currently.

The valuation of real estate for sale

Want to change, extension family mutation, taxation ... There are many reasons that may lead to sell a property, sometimes very quickly and without room for negotiation on the price. Better to know to make it attractive, even if the recipe does not seem ideal. The advice of professionals, some scholars adjuvants can however put oil in the wheels of the sale. Some work well designed, studies and diagnostics millimiters and a well-crafted file are prerequisites that may appear cheaply glitter in the eyes of the buyer.
It is always difficult to sell a property. The national average before finding a buyer is 130 days, or more than four months, according to the National Federation of Estate Agents (FNAIM). But this figure masks wide disparities in time. An apartment in poor condition will not sell unless to do some financial concessions, that many sellers can not afford, pressed for time and the obligation to achieve a certain amount of surplus value. Or "one can suffer badly valued at a discount of 20 or 30%," says Nathalie Naccache, director of agency Century 21-Realty Fortis in Paris. This ax has not always been present. There ten years, buyers prefer an empty apartment or outdated decor for the free field and redo everything to their liking. "Today they aspire to 'all done', they want to identify, acquire wishing sometimes presented with good furniture. They do not want to plan and initiate work "reveals Natalie Naccache. A statement that speaks volumes about the power held by the seller if he knows how to take well the trappings decisive for the attention of the potential buyer. This does not only decoration.
Comeback of rationality on the market
period current real estate sector seems bleak and expects a hellish descent prices. Although ... "2012 is advertised as a poor year, but it must be remembered that in 2011, with 850,000 transactions was a good year because people anticipated change legislation on real estate gains. The 750,000 are expected simply return to normal, "nuance Sylvain Rey, founder of the network Aveo, which helps the property valuation by contacting a partner agency with the seller. In addition, high transaction amounts appear to be resistance in the heart of French cities, especially Paris. The transition period that opens leaves no wonder professionals and the general public, who are beginning to believe that only a crystal ball effectively provide a semblance of visibility. "The truth is that markets operate at two speeds shortage today: flawless overall well find a buyer, either for home or for investment. In contrast, the low ceiling which is located on the ground floor or on a high floor with no lift, no longer find lessee, even crowned with an attractive price "distinguishes Nathalie Naccache. The reason? It is time for caution."Previously, everyone aspired to get money out of banks and invest quickly in stone, so many buyers were not fussy defects of certain goods. Today, real estate is always a safe haven, but the lack of profitability, fluctuations in interest rates or unemployment require some investment security "describes the professional. Therefore, the classic elements of security such as location, price or technical aspects seem become paramount in the choice of the buyer. This seller accused; rationality back in the choice of transaction prevents passing bladders for lanterns."Generally, a person appeals to us as firefighters, after experiencing a period of 10 months and failed half on average because it believes it has the Château de Versailles. The well is 'toasted' agencies as individuals saw and found a major flaw, "said Sylvain Rey, founder of the network Aveo. The property in question must first conceal certain fundamentals. If this is the case, the vendor may use techniques to influence the final choice of the buyer, even if it is more down to earth than in the past.
"Home staging" light work of rigor and
a maximum value passes first through a complete file. The last three PV AG, the building regulations, the building permit, the permit or compliance costs over the past year can not be ignored. But if these formalities are necessary conditions, they are certainly not sufficient. Expectations of buyers, many more than in the past, sometimes require the seller to make his home more attractive by investing in a refurbishment (paint, flooring, bathroom ...). "A study of the observatory property has determined that the second source of anxiety to the purchaser after the price was work to be done," observes this title Sylvain Rey. However difficult to find a balance between a simple coat of paint and a complete renovation, which is often more expensive it relates. "All work not generate added value," says besides a realtor. Rest seller advised not to implement those that will appeal to many buyers. In this context, the concept of "home staging", consisting primarily of a depersonalization of the interior to enhance the scope of the buyer's heart is not to be overlooked. With a few adjustments to the design, colors, plants, lighting ... it is possible to give the visitor the impression - and desire - to be with him. "The seniors as young first-time buyers will be able to plan and be interested. I will speak more readily neutralization, "said Sylvain Rey. This edit checks of the interior light remained in France as Nathalie Naccache said: "At one time we offered the diagnosis and staging of home we've partnered with a company to work, but we soon realized that we dépassions not the quotation stage. People cling finally a lot of sense and simply removing Russian dolls and decorative too burdensome. "
Support under the seal of ROI
Today, it is to the real estate agent that turns a priority, firstly for it considers the value of the property. It must also be reassured that the basic checks (bearing walls, common areas, etc.)., It supports a maximum of formalities, which forms the basis of the services it can offer. Agents pushed the logic a bit further. "We believe bring added value to the buyer when we prickles on an architect partner to perform simulations and begin quote entrepreneurs so that they can really project themselves," says Nathalie Naccache. For the seller, the employees are responsible for implementing the mandatory certificates, if present craftsmen for work, study specifications and to monitor the quality of work, and then begin visits. Alternatively, more sophisticated, the company specializes in the example Aveo. It accompanies the sale of A to Z and works with partners estate agents involved in the sale. Experts perform some odd jobs and provide the owner quotes on heavier investments to achieve. "We provide a quantification of anomalies, to avoid overestimating the buyer being there is a bias, and therefore an argument in the negotiations.Encumbering visitors on a house with single glazing and it is likely that many of them have a brother that may pose a double glazing for a sum coincidentally very high. We therefore consider the cost of accommodation, "said Sylvain Rey. This type of service is free: the expert pays once the sale is concluded with a commission ranging from 0.5 to 4% of the transaction amount. This expense is generally widely profitable. Aveo considers housing past his hands is sold in 29 days on average, against 130 for a good classic. And because the company guarantees the resale practice in 3 months: opens a loan contract work. If the property is sold within 3 months, the seller will refund the cost without having to pay interest. "If the property is not sold in excess of three months, we provide monthly payments. The person did not cash out. Of course, we choose whether or not to sign the contract, because we know the price levels and know how to recognize a vendor too greedy, "said Sylvain Rey. In 2011, Aveo, also increasingly sought by real estate agencies, has made ​​557 services: 25% of the assets were sold in less than 10 days, 60% within 30 days, 80% within 60 days . Finally, the "home stager" independent charge their average benefits between 300 euros and 1000 euros, identifying defects Housing and delivering recommendations work or development.
The coming revolution in energy diagnostics
remains the thorny issue of energy audits. Diagnosis of energy performance (DPE) awareness tool created in 2005 and whose display has been made ​​mandatory from 1 January 2011, showed that 80% of assets in France were very inefficient and therefore classified the worst levels - E, F or G - giving biscuit to the purchaser in its negotiation. But the professionals, this certificate is not really reliable, results can vary from one provider to another.Many experts are set to perform thermal studies, energy audits kinds of more advanced charged between 700 and 1000 euros to make quantifications also works and their impact on the future energy performance. Program, improving insulation: change windows, convectors facilities, loft insulation, ... However, work to improve the balance sheet - around 30 000 euros to get a home listed at G C - even if they can benefit from the zero rate loan eco-PTZ or sustainable development tax credit, are virtually nonexistent in Paris, began to see in the suburbs and are valid in the province. "They are a real cash advance for a return on investment very risky and long", do not hesitate to report Nathalie Naccache. When you rent a property, the isolate does not mean that we can grow in large proportions rent. Similarly, the amount of the sale does not necessarily will lift up the vertices. Therefore, the question of whether or not to perform thermal analysis is to ignore it? Certainly not for Didier Bader Thermiconseil design office, for whom "this kind of study is always recommended, even if the owners do not have the means or the desire, to do the work recommended. They thus have a clear and accurate costing for future buyers. " For undoubtedly, time is redoubled vigilance and regulation. Signing the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 called on France to divide by four gas emissions greenhouse. In 2005, Pope Law (Programming laying down guidelines for energy policy) defined energy policy over the next 50 years and has demonstrated the enormous challenges that play for the country if he can control the energy consumption of its fleet property as he promised. In 2008, the Grenelle Environment gave deadlines in the process of saving energy. "In 2020 the park must display an average consumption of 150 kW / h of primary energy per square meter per year. In 2050, this level must be at only 80 kW / h ", shows Didier Bader. Therefore, it is expected to increasingly stringent measures in this regard. A decree already requires owners to do an energy audit and develop a policy renovations until 2017. "But the French, in good French, will not move immediately. The real start will occur when the non-conforming goods suffer a discount. A scenario may become reality in the next 2-3 years, when the thermal studies become mandatory "fun to play Cassandra Didier Bader. However the facts seem to prove him right, to the extent that today appear in contracts subject to conditions precedent thermal study. This can indeed be done if the owner agrees. The buyer has already integrated the DPE is not enough. It will also not only to push in the direction of regulation. "The bankers will encourage the movement, because it would be inappropriate for their customers who purchase a property and incur debt ratios up, suddenly have to pay 50 000 euros extra to put standards. In this case, the bank would suffer double punishment, which may not be repaid, and subsequently pay for the well up to standard, "provides Didier Bader. In April, an article by ADEME has introduced the concept of "green value", which is neither more nor less than a calculation method to estimate the difference in price between two identical houses, knowing that a undertook the renovation and the other not. A cat among the pigeons of the sitters. This value reflects the green energy future performance and the amount of investment.
Each week, the show Search apartment or house hosted by Stéphane Plaza M6 is heavily decorated in order to increase its chances of selling. But he who sells his property has a lot more strings to his bow.

Paris will sell more property

To replenish its coffers, the City of Paris has its old heritage. Under the 2013 budget, which will be voted on Monday in Paris council, the mayor plans to sell next year to 175 million euros of assets. An amount up, transfers property having represented 150 million euros in 2011 and 174 million in 2012.
"It sells goods that are no longer useful to the Parisians, ensures Assistant Finance PS Bernard Gaudillère. Example The City had castles in the province once acquired to create camps. Buyers are often local but also investors. cede We also land in the suburbs and small plots of 100 square meters or 200 to Paris condominiums interest. "

In the lot, some pearls End of 2010, the city had sold to more than 2 million, a medieval castle in Bayac (Dordogne). In 2011, the mansion of the White Street School (9th) was sold more than 5 million to an investor.
In the Marais, at 26, rue Geoffroy's Asnier, the mansion of Chalons-Luxembourg , monument of the seventeenth century, will soon be sold to the highest bidder. The City did not want to disclose the appraisal of the property, which housed the Commission of Old Paris before being abandoned and welcome briefly in February 2012, the collective AClefeu and his " Ministry of crisis of the suburbs . "

Environmentalists call for transparency This sale should, according to our information, run into tens of millions of euros. "This building requires major restoration, says the Association of Heritage Preservation historic Paris. Better is bought and renovated rather deserted, provided that the rules are respected restoration."
In June, environmentalists have filed a vow calling for greater transparency in the real estate transactions. Bernard Gaudillère remember that all assignments are "subject to the Council of Paris."

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Housing expensive ever!

Expensive, more expensive, rent! In the large living report says IMAGE what tenants pay now already have - and what they have expected. Rents rose brutal Nationwide, rising rents . Particularly hard hit: the cities. In Hamburg, the rents for 2005 were still on average by 25.5% up, by 23.2% in Berlin, in Munich by 15.8% (F + B rent barometer).

It gets worse Rents will continue to rise for years, at least in the big cities. Examples: Hamburg threatened, according to the real estate specialist "Feri Euro Rating" 2015, an increase from an average of 10.5%, from 9.5% in Munich, Frankfurt, 9.3%, 8.2% for Berlin. 

Expensive new contracts According Tenants move every year more than 2 million homes - and have a new lease finish. "Explode the prices for newly signed leases," says Franz-Georg Rips, president of the German Tenants Federation. In sought-after locations, prices are sometimes 20 to 30% over the rent of the previous occupant. Background: For new contracts, the landlord may specify the rent largely independent of current rent index (local reference rent). The rent eats up more and more on the net

In Cyprus, prices fall

In the first owners meeting of real estate investment Vikla Cyprus swung with a good deal of pathos: "This is a historic moment," said the chairman of the meeting, the Briton David Wilson, and suggested that in view of the Independence of the former British colony on 1 . October also continue to celebrate a "Vikla Independence Day". The theatricality may be forgiven for the property owners, as the culmination of a long-standing bureaucratic hurdles was the so-called title deeds, the title deeds.

The legally secure proof of who owns the property, but is essential in times of financial crisis: Many builders use the completed real estate projects for the construction of its new credit protection. If a real estate developer in financial difficulties, have the owner of the house without title deeds bad cards to make their possession claim against the bank argued. The sale of houses and apartments in the picturesque construction project Vikla in Tsada above the town of Paphos began in 2000.

Client is the real estate developer Leptos, one of the largest companies in Cyprus, which claims to have already sold more than 20 000 homes. Such as competitor Aristo Developers also Leptos considered serious company, in which the buyer does not have to fear for their property. The excess supply increases the pressure However, the success of Michael Leptos, which dates from the 1974 Turkish part of the island in the late 1970s with the construction of holiday homes and facilities in the southwest of the island began to set up some imitators - unfortunately, not necessarily to the advantage of region. Over the past ten or 15 years some property owners had the idea to call himself a real estate developer and also try their luck with cottages. One or the other as well as ruin swindled shoppers show that was not such a good idea. 

 The troika of the EU Commission, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, which ended its negotiations with the Cypriot Government has an assistance program for the island last Thursday without result, estimates the number of unsold houses and apartments in some 50 000, before the especially battered by the crisis in Greece banks in Cyprus are based on a portfolio of some 10 000 homes. Which may be true even number, the excess supply of homes increases the pressure further on home prices. Compared to last year are Homes on average become cheaper by 5.9 percent, shows the real estate index of the Cyprus Central Bank. 

Overheated, especially the market for used homes. Because, for example, the UK government has launched a rigid savings program, you sell a lot of British Cypriot holiday or retirement home to downright predatory pricing in order to get money. Buyers had in the region of Paphos, for example, according to the 2009 count brokers association RICS still on average with a house price to 460,417 euros, according to recent surveys, there are only 389 031 euros. Chinese interest The decline in house prices is very different, however, depending on the region. In the east of the island, prices, how the central bank reported in a small Greek-controlled Famagusta District - the city is in the hands of the Turkish occupiers - compared to the previous year by 11 percent, in the southeastern Larnaca by 8 percent. In the currently popular among holiday property owners in the southwest region of Paphos market observers, however, see signs of a relative stabilization of prices: In the second quarter of 2012, prices for apartments fell "only" 0.4 per cent for houses and 0.5 per cent. The central bank blames mainly the interest of Chinese buyers responsibility. "The growing number of Chinese customers makes us great joy," says Andreas Findiklis, general manager of the Leptos Group. So far, the region around Paphos popular with buyers from the UK, while the area around Limassol traditionally good at Russian property buyers arrive. 

 Although they now increasingly Chinese advertising posters from property developers discovered along the way, you can see in and around Paphos still barely Chinese. Because most have a house in Cyprus before something else, than to enjoy the approximately 340 sunny days on the island in your own home. They buy rather a gateway to Europe. As a non-Europeans must prove Chinese customers buy a property for at least 300 000 euros and that they can financially provide for themselves. They are property owners, they get a residence permit and only once every two years must be looking in Cyprus. Before them is open to Europe - the Schengen Agreement, thank the the abolition of checks at their common borders and regulate the movement of people and goods. However, the buyers from Asia also have special needs, to which the Cypriot real estate sellers have used to. Vikla example, had 44 at the request of the buyer - not least bureaucratically complicated because the said title deed - be renamed Vikla 88th For number 4, and all their combinations regarded in China as an unlucky number.

Prices of banks acquired Spain-property fell 65%

The prices of Spanish property, which were taken over by banks and repelled, have fallen this year by 65 percent. In addition, there is a million new homes for sale and buyer. The prices of Spanish property, which were taken over by banks and repelled, have fallen this year by 65 percent.
 In addition, one million new homes for sale and buyer is having difficulty to obtain mortgage loans. This emerges from a study by Fitch Ratings Inc.. The price slide refers to the value of the property as the loans were still operated. 
The fall in value is more than twice as high as in official government data. By comparison, in Portugal, the prices of the transferred property to banks fell by 45 percent. The Spanish property market suffers because the country has fallen into the second recession in three years and has an unemployment rate of 25 percent - the highest in Europe. Fitch brings his latest study out five years after the bursting of the housing bubble in Spain. The country is currently setting up a so-called bad bank, which is to take the toxic real estate loans on the books of distressed banks. "Believes Fitch that the factors that weigh on the Spanish property market will continue to deteriorate," the Madrid analyst Carlos Massip and Juan David Garcia enrolled in the study. "The gap between the initial assessment and the selling price reflects the troubled mortgage market. "This is characterized by high indebtedness of borrowers, limited affordability of mortgages and falling property prices. 
 This year's decline in the value of properties that are passed into the ownership of banks is the highest since the financial crisis began. On average, the price decline was at 50 percent since 2007, the Fitch analysts wrote. According to official government data, the Spanish property prices have collapsed since the high in 2008 of 25.5 percent. The prices of real estate, which were taken over by the banks are lower because the banks make reductions in order to sell the houses and apartments and can relieve their balance sheets. Fitch foresees that banks have taken more than 200,000 properties in possession. There are also more than a million new buildings that are for sale.