Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Housing expensive ever!

Expensive, more expensive, rent! In the large living report says IMAGE what tenants pay now already have - and what they have expected. Rents rose brutal Nationwide, rising rents . Particularly hard hit: the cities. In Hamburg, the rents for 2005 were still on average by 25.5% up, by 23.2% in Berlin, in Munich by 15.8% (F + B rent barometer).

It gets worse Rents will continue to rise for years, at least in the big cities. Examples: Hamburg threatened, according to the real estate specialist "Feri Euro Rating" 2015, an increase from an average of 10.5%, from 9.5% in Munich, Frankfurt, 9.3%, 8.2% for Berlin. 

Expensive new contracts According Tenants move every year more than 2 million homes - and have a new lease finish. "Explode the prices for newly signed leases," says Franz-Georg Rips, president of the German Tenants Federation. In sought-after locations, prices are sometimes 20 to 30% over the rent of the previous occupant. Background: For new contracts, the landlord may specify the rent largely independent of current rent index (local reference rent). The rent eats up more and more on the net

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