Friday, December 4, 2015

Celebrity casserole to kick off the Art Basel Miami

Even more celebrities than usual cavort currently in Miami: To kick off the Art Basel Miami exhibitors outdo with star-studded parties on: Decoys are for example, Sylvester Stallone, Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, Hilary Swank and Paris Hilton.
The latter sets as a DJ at the nightclub Wall as reported. Stallone is the figurehead of the Galerie Gmurzynska, organized a show in the Villa of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace. Longoria and Martin give the local real estate magnate Jorge Per├ęz the honor and Swank decorated the Party of the lifestyle magazine "DuJour".
Also included is the musician Brandon Boyd. The frontman of the band Incubus exhibiting his painted images.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Italian Property market: an estimated 6% of sales at the end of 2015

The word "recovery" does not exist yet. To confirm the fact that there are still many risks in convalescence that is facing the real estate, sick man in recent years. But the Nomisma Observatory, presented yesterday in Milan in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, confirming the positive signs that have continued for more than a year now, since the return to the plus sign to the trade - not without moments of uncertainty, of all the negative balance recorded earlier this year by the tax - the increase in mortgage loans (see article opposite), through a slowdown in the downward trend in prices.
Here then is that purchases are expected to grow for the second consecutive year. Pending the official data on the third quarter will be released next week - and that according to rumors should be largely positive, although referring to a period of poor transactions as the summer - the balance in 2015 is estimated at 6% vs. 3, 5% in 2014, a total that is expected to exceed 442 thousand exchanges.

Friday, November 20, 2015

LeBron James is paying 20 million euros for a luxury villa

The American basketball player has offered a sumptuous property in California. Not surprisingly, the number 23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers saw things big.

Martin Diaz Alvarez "The real estate luxury market is particularly active at this time in the US, at least in the world of basketball. While some celebrities are struggling to sell their assets, like Michael Jordan whose splendid house in Chicago was recently "sold off" to 13 million, LeBron James was seduced by him a huge house in California."

No. 23 Cleveland Cavaliers has disbursed nearly $ 21 million (€ 19.6 million) to acquire this property of approximately 10,000 square meters, reports the Anglo-Saxon press. With 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, it is located in Brentwood, a suburb of Los Angeles, far from his hometown of Akron (Ohio) and his club.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Miami, beaches, yachts and real estate

France is a country where housing is most expensive relative to average income. Who are the winners and losers of this French madness? This is the subject of "Eco Angle" of 9 November Monday. With a stop in Miami, where the French are more likely to invest. Extract.
Joseph Sigelman said "Since the beginning of the year, real estate prices are starting to rebound. Largely surpassing its European neighbors, France is a country where housing is most expensive relative to average income." Who are the winners and losers of this French madness? This is the subject of "Eco Angle" of 9 November Monday. With a stop in Miami.

There are seven, after four years of unlimited real estate frenzy in the United States, the bubble burst and Miami saw its market collapse. But the subprime crisis is now forgotten, and prices are rising again, almost as quickly as they had fallen.

Barefoot on the beach, he boasts the strengths of Miami: its cars, yachts, beaches, sun. Caricature? These are the same words as those of real estate developers.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Florida real estate: one always advantageous market for Canadians

Regardless of the economic environment, the real estate market of South Florida never ceases to be dynamic. Immediately past the crisis of bad mortgages (subprime) and the recession that hit America, property prices began to rise . This is because in Florida there is always a part of the international clientele that is attracted to this environment for investment.
Canadians cooled by the depreciation of their currency may continue to invest.Canada's major banks operating in Florida offer different financial products for the Snowbirds to use their assets and income in Canada to ensure a mortgage in US dollars.
This formula is particularly advantageous for those considering putting their new purchase for rent. The yearly rental market is particularly active with the incessant population growth Sunshine State.
When looking carefully, especially with the help of a realtor, there are some very interesting properties constituting investment. Personal bankruptcies still exist and there are condos, townhomes and single family homes that are available at attractive prices.
The buyer must be ready to seize an opportunity without delay. A pre-approved mortgage the bank will provide him an advantage over other buyers. As the Americans say: "Cash is King".

It's time to sell for Snowbirds

Canadians who wish to sell their property are benefited by the relative weakness of the loonie. A US $ 150,000 sold property is worth more than $ 175,000 to the Canadian seller. The exchange rate becomes a gain of nearly 25%.
Buy or sell a property in the counties of Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade is a delicate transaction. The laws of the state of Florida, the regulations of those counties and municipalities, building codes, legal constraints may become obstacles.
A realtor serious and well established in South Florida can minimize the risks of a complex transaction. It saves time, hassle and money to the buyer as the seller.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Its Cheap, But Not Without Cost: Devesh Srivastava From Express Estate

By Ni3, Section Gurgaon Real Estate Property
Posted on Sat Jul 19, 2008 at 12:55:58 AM EST
Transactions in real estate are done on promises of fast delivery and quality construction, when there is no physical presence on ground. After this, credibility of the developers factors in. Buyers risk their investments in such deals. Such deals, even if they deliver, do not guarantee a good infrastructure around.
One such example, where buyers are investing having faith in the developer is sector 37 of Gurgaon. Two major developers BPTP and ILD Millenium have launched their residential projects in sector 37 D and 37 C, respectively: ILD Spire Greens is being built by ILD Millenium, a joint-venture company of Millenium Spire and ILD. Millenium Spire is a Singapore-based investment firm, which has operations in India also. BPTP is developing Park Serene at sector 37 D.
As one move towards Manesar, various sub-divisions of this newly created sector come on the right side oh NH 8. Very close to this sector, Reliance is setting up an SEZ. The farmers in the region recently protested against the selling of land to Reliance blocking the Pataudi Road at the entry point.
But this is not all that is happening in this sector. The area still lacks infrastructure. So buying an apartment in these newly launched projects will be an investment for the future. It would take at least four to five years for an overall development.
Reaching there
Drive straight along the National Highway 8, till you reach Hero Honda Chowk. A sector road takes you to sector 10 A. This road further bifurcates into two different directions forming the Basai Road and the Pataudi Road. Along these two village roads, developers are coming up with their projects.
However, one cannot take a right turn from the Hero Honda Chowk, as the highway does not have a cut over here. So to reach sector 10A, person has to go straight for another two kilometers till Kherki Dola toll tax collection point and then take a U-turn to come back to Hero Honda Chowk.
A New Strategy
Precautions before you buy
Poor infrastructure

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A new strategy
The two projects: ILD Spire Greens and Park Serene have been launched with a new strategy. One can opt for an apartment in ILD Spire Greens at a rate of Rs 2,222 per sq ft with additional mandatory costs. At Rs 1,995 per sq ft as basic rate, Park Serene is selling at a rate lower than that of the Spire Greens. But again, the project has mandatory costs.

As per the new strategy, the developers are now offering affordable price in their newly launched projects. But if you are to invest your money in a project because of its low costs, read the fine print. For example if somebody has to shell out money at a rate of Rs 350 per sq ft if he wants only vitrified tiles. But if he chooses to have high-end specifications like modular kitchen, air-conditioning and wood-laminate flooring, he has to spend a good amount at a rate of Rs 500 per sq ft. The worst part - developers do not allow sale at the basic price. The buyer has to choose an option. It is not just the basic sale price but also the additional cost on the specifications that one has to pay for.
And this is being sold when there is nothing on ground except fencing. Ashish Bhalls, managing director, Millenium Spire says, "We have sold around 190 units. This shows that buyers have faith in the developers. And development will happen, as it happened in other parts of Gurgaon. We are developing a total of 700 acres of apartment space on a 16-acre plot of land. We are not passive investors. So we synergise ourselves with the developer for sales. The area has good potential for growth but only when the government will do something about the development."
Commenting on the issue of mandatory costs, Amit Jain, vice president-marketing, BPTP says, "It is impossible to sell the apartments at the basic price only. There is an operational hazard attached to this." He further explains, "If a person chooses to buy an apartment at the basic sale price and moves into a flat above your flat, he will try to make some modifications as per his requirements to his floor. These minute changes will affect the texture of your ceiling. Also, the noise created by any construction activity will disturb your peace and living."
In projects like Park Serene and Spire Greens, one would get vitrified tile-floor at an extra rate Rs 350 per sq ft. If somebody chooses wood-laminate flooring, and modular kitchen he will have to shell out money at a rate of Rs 500 per sq ft. Jain adds, "This kind of pricing increases the options for the buyer and also gives him the flexibility of investing. If such things are hidden at the broker level, buyer can easily come to know about the finer details if he goes through the agreement."
Precautions before you buy
Real estate consultant Pradeep Mishra says, "It is advisable that at the time of inquiry, one should ask for the PLCs, extra charges in terms of parking, club-membership and external development charges. Buyers are at times misguided. But they should enter a deal after due diligence."
Jain of BPTP adds, "A smart buyer should ask for the copy of licences of approval from the developer and look at the approval letters."
Bhalla adds, "As an investment firm we mitigate the risks. We derisk the real estate by bringing transparency. So we constantly keep a check on the partner firm, which is the right way to do business. A buyer should ask for the date of delivery and should get it into his agreement papers. The developer should mention the delay compensation in the agreement papers."
Poor infrastructure
The Basai Road and the Pataudi Raod are in bad condition. Narrow roads, filled with rainwater are dangerous to drive. Heavy-duty trucks and commuter buses ply on these roads all the time, which make the travel even difficult. As the ground situation is, it will take at least four to five years for a complete makeover of this area. Good quality schools and colleges are far away from this place.
But the market is witnessing slump and the realty prices have come down. Experts believe this is the right time for investment. A rate in the range of Rs 1,995-2,222 per sq ft is affordable if seen in comparison to the prices elsewhere or if compared to the upmarket locations of Gurgaon. The rate at this stretch is much more than the affordable limit. And for an investment in a place like sector 37, a long-term investment horizon is needed.

Top 10 real estate markets in Latin America

According to the latest study by the firm Jones Lang LaSalle , the most attractive markets in the world of real estate after a global study of 359 cities enlisted. In Latin America Sao Paulo highlighted as the city with the highest growth potential, and Mexico City for the destination with the highest investment in this sector.

   It is worth mentioning that although the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, is positioned between one of the favorites in the real estate sector, mainly for its commercial appeal, this area does not get a lot of capital to build, in fact it is one of the last six destinations whose domestic and foreign investment in almost no or little.

   Meanwhile, San Jose has a very different story. The Costa Rican city boasts some of the largest investments, specifically for its climate and beach destination, while in terms of global attraction list at No. 23 of the 30 Latin American countries studied.

The cities with the largest investments in real estate
List made according to the results of capital for the business development in Latin America during the past three years.

No. 1 Mexico City, Mexico: Global Ranking 75
No. 2 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Global Ranking 84
No 3 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Global Ranking 88
No. 4 San Jose, Costa Rica: Overall Ranking 123
No. 5 Santiago, Chile: 138 Global Ranking
No. 6 Cancun, Mexico: 147 Global Ranking
No. 7 Campinas, Brazil: Global Ranking 193
No. 8 Guadalajara, Mexico: 199 Global Ranking
No. 9 Monterrey, Mexico: 207 Global Ranking
No. 10 Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Global Ranking 255

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced the opening of Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami, the second hotel of its new lifestyle brand. It has 105 rooms located close to the beach.
Hyatt Centric, the new brand of Hyatt Hotels Corporation positioned on the lifestyle segment, opens its second US address in Miami. There are a few weeks, the chain had its debut in Chicago.
For both the leisure customers to the business traveler, the hotel Centric are customized according to their destination and have open space "The Corner" which is used both at work, reading or relaxation. The technology is also put forward to facilitate the interactions between staff and clients.
The Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami is managed via a management contract signed with property developer Robert Finvarb Companies David Martin and his partner. The architect Kobi Karp developed the plans for the property, a glass tower ten stories. Close to the beach, the property features 105 rooms and suites, a fitness center, spa, equipment for enjoying the beach (sun lounger, chairs, etc.), a Mediterranean restaurant (DECK Sixteen ), a bar and an outdoor pool. Works of art are displayed in the grounds of the hotel.

The group plans to open fifteen Hyatt Centric worldwide in the coming years. Future Hotels have been announced in New York, Atlanta and Paris, the only European city in the program currently. On January 1, 2015, Hyatt Hotels Corporation was the 14th hotel group by number of rooms, according to the ranking made ​​each year by MKG Hospitality, hospitality consulting firm founded by Georges Panayotis. He then had to 152,986 rooms in 560 establishments.