Saturday, November 28, 2015

Italian Property market: an estimated 6% of sales at the end of 2015

The word "recovery" does not exist yet. To confirm the fact that there are still many risks in convalescence that is facing the real estate, sick man in recent years. But the Nomisma Observatory, presented yesterday in Milan in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, confirming the positive signs that have continued for more than a year now, since the return to the plus sign to the trade - not without moments of uncertainty, of all the negative balance recorded earlier this year by the tax - the increase in mortgage loans (see article opposite), through a slowdown in the downward trend in prices.
Here then is that purchases are expected to grow for the second consecutive year. Pending the official data on the third quarter will be released next week - and that according to rumors should be largely positive, although referring to a period of poor transactions as the summer - the balance in 2015 is estimated at 6% vs. 3, 5% in 2014, a total that is expected to exceed 442 thousand exchanges.

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