Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top 10 real estate markets in Latin America

According to the latest study by the firm Jones Lang LaSalle , the most attractive markets in the world of real estate after a global study of 359 cities enlisted. In Latin America Sao Paulo highlighted as the city with the highest growth potential, and Mexico City for the destination with the highest investment in this sector.

   It is worth mentioning that although the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, is positioned between one of the favorites in the real estate sector, mainly for its commercial appeal, this area does not get a lot of capital to build, in fact it is one of the last six destinations whose domestic and foreign investment in almost no or little.

   Meanwhile, San Jose has a very different story. The Costa Rican city boasts some of the largest investments, specifically for its climate and beach destination, while in terms of global attraction list at No. 23 of the 30 Latin American countries studied.

The cities with the largest investments in real estate
List made according to the results of capital for the business development in Latin America during the past three years.

No. 1 Mexico City, Mexico: Global Ranking 75
No. 2 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Global Ranking 84
No 3 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Global Ranking 88
No. 4 San Jose, Costa Rica: Overall Ranking 123
No. 5 Santiago, Chile: 138 Global Ranking
No. 6 Cancun, Mexico: 147 Global Ranking
No. 7 Campinas, Brazil: Global Ranking 193
No. 8 Guadalajara, Mexico: 199 Global Ranking
No. 9 Monterrey, Mexico: 207 Global Ranking
No. 10 Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Global Ranking 255

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