Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hernán Fardi: Boudou friend who became a millionaire and now invests in Miami

He met the vice in ANSeS and began his ascent; declared assets of $ 25 million; bought three houses in Miami, has a bar and an art gallery in Palermo.Hernán Fardi was back in 2008, a young economist with an air of investor who was engaged in financial consulting. That same year he joined the public administration. His life changed when he met Amado Boudou in ANSeS. Vice President soon became part of his "small table" within the body. The heritage of Fardi also gave a twist: he multiplied their assets tenfold in the last six years.When Fardi landed in the state had assets of $ 2.8 million; six years later, in 2013, its assets exceeded $ 25 million, as shown in all their affidavits, which agreed the NATION.The official, now vice president of the National Securities Commission (CNV) said seven properties, chemical company, a manufacturer of veterinary products, a bar in Palermo, 70 works of art and society in Miami. Only in the last two years earned more than $ 12 million. An asset growth not without controversy.Its main investment are government securities: declared $ 11 million between the different variants of bonds. Since 2008, its commitment to enhanced public debt at the rate of interest juicy. Only in 2013 declared more than $ 4 million annual profit.
The friend of the vice president decided the bricks. He bought several properties and invested in real estate. It has a country house in Santa Barbara (Tigre) 1100 square meters and three properties in Capital. He also acquired land in the luxury gated estates of San Vicente and San Eliseo Lakes . But their returns do not reflect the real value: declared by the total of its properties $ 3.5 million.
But the photo distorts reality: your estate exceeds the statement. A good example is its properties: it quoted the seven properties totaling $ 3.5 million, an amount well below the market value. Moreover, in his last presentation does not include, among other things, the assets on behalf of his wife, Mary Lillia Vieytes, which in 2011 (the last year for which information included spouses) had more than a million dollars in bonds, among other assets.

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