Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 reasons for a Work and Travel Stay

For a long time to go abroad alone for many is its charms, on the other hand also scary.It offers a Work and Travel stay so many ways and who once played with the idea should take a chance to bidding. These 10 reasons for a Work and Travel Stay :
1. combine work and travel
During a Work and Travel stay working and traveling are deliberately combined.Most work first few months and then use the money earned to travel. In this way, work and travel is often slightly cheaper than other forms of international assignments such as unpaid internships, study or travel, as money is made ​​during the stay abroad.
2. Meet a foreign country
Through a Work and Travel stay learns a country know intensively, because you do not spend a few weeks holiday there, but living there for several months and worked.Whether Canada, the USA , New Zealand or Australia - to get with the locals into contact, can be found in the language in learning to know the daily life and culture of the people and experienced customs firsthand. The whole experience is deeper than during a holiday and many who have come on a work and travel in a country return even after many years back again and again.
3. Lose fears
Who breaks for a Work and Travel stay alone in a foreign country, often has various fears. Will I feel me? How bad homesickness will be? Meet I know nice people? I find a job? Many questions accompany the planning of the stay abroad and everyone will have a moment, by asking ourselves whether everything is correct. If it then goes off, survived the first homesick, found the first job and nice people were met, you realize that many fears that had been in advance do not materialize. This one grows and gains more confidence for the future.
4. improve language skills
Due to the long time spent in a foreign country, the language skills generally improve significantly. Especially through the work and the related contact with locals to get into the language into good and many work and Traveller speak after a few months and fluently without thinking the foreign language.
5. Collect Work experience
Waiters, casual work in hostels or hotels, office jobs, farm work or a temporary location in the national or amusement park - the job opportunities in a Work and Travel stay are varied. About this Jobs Work and Traveller work experience and a taste of different fields inside. Maybe even an activity is that is so much fun that it is selected following the Work and Travel-stay as a profession.

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