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Island Real Estate - Prestige and pass as an encore

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In the super-rich island real estate are becoming increasingly popular. A study shows that islands are particularly in demand and where there is the citizenship top.
My house, my car, my boat. These were previously typical status symbols. However, because of the growing worldwide prosperity and specifically the number of the rich increases further, this top layer adds regarding finances now like to have one or the other more exotic property of its flagship list. Very good scheme fit into the prey Island real estate. After all, who is dreaming at least not from time to time by an at least temporary existence as islanders?
Fits this says Nicholas Candy, CEO of the luxury real estate developer and interior specialists Candy & Candy: "A private island is probably the greatest prestige. The financial return is not the main motivation. These buyers are looking for the ultimate retreat and an opportunity to make their living environment itself can. For them, seclusion and privacy invaluable assets. "
Islands are in demand - for prestige comes philanthropy and conservation
Together with the real estate service provider Savills World Research and the German asset managers Asset & Wealth Management Candy & Candy has created a current ranking of the top 20 islands in the world for very wealthy real estate investor. In Candy GPS Report of the Global Island real estate market is analyzed. In the review it flowed not only the real estate prices, but also the volume of UNHWI-house ownership, the transport links to mainland markets, the capital sources and countries of origin of the owners and the tax environment.
The demand is strengthened by alternative property and prestige objects, however, not only by the growth of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNW), as the super-rich are called with assets of at least $ 30 million, but also by the rarity of these objects and by new transport infrastructure. Are striking, the study also an increasing island sale of individual countries to strengthen the national economy and growing Asian investment in "leisure islands". Change experienced by the market for Island Real Estate also through philanthropy and conservation.
Caribbean is asked rarity is paid expensive
As regards the regional preferences, the Caribbean is at the super-rich topped. From the first five places in the 20s ranking are occupied by four Caribbean islands. Who also financially, feels as ripe for the island who can see the whole thing as a potentially lucrative investment. At least, if the thesis of Yolande Barnes, director of Savills Research World, rises. "The last decade was the decade of investment in prime urban real estate. In the next ten years we will see an increasing interest in island real estate and the island lifestyle. The most exclusive and rarest possessions are for the rich of the world the measure of all things - the island property as the perfect complement to the luxury apartment in the sought metropolis ".
This forecast is the expected growth of the global UHNW population. So far, their number has been estimated at around 200,000, by 2018 it will be 22 percent more. "This will fuel the demand for alternative property. Particularly strong growth impetus will come from Asia, where the assets will rise the fastest, "says Barnes. "But even the lower end of the luxury island market will develop explosive, since buying increasingly young money in exclusive properties and resorts in the most desirable islands in the world.These dynamics will drive the demand at the top end of the market. The super-rich in the world are looking for the ultimate adventure by the biggest rare and pay for the rarity willingly high premiums. "
Island Real Estate: Up to four times as expensive as top properties on the mainland
In addition, adds Salman Madhi, Head of Key Client Relationship Management at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, the following: "On market there are three main categories of buyers. Developers seeking locations for new luxury resorts, rich philanthropists who put together with government organizations conservation projects, and very wealthy individuals, which the urban <playground> are the super-rich has become accessible to the general public and therefore offer them too little glamor. "When small and very exclusive segment of the real estate market provide private islands provide the ultimate status symbol represents. In this respect, this market is similar and relatively independent of the other global real estate markets rather with that of art or expensive jewelry, as it is stated in the study.
The report identifies four categories of island real estate markets: "Private Islands" (the ultimate status symbol), "Leisure Island" (for the second, third or fourth residences), "Relocation Islands" (for the lifestyle-oriented shift of the food item or for business relocation) and "City-Linked Islands" (for island living with urban comfort). "For the purchase of island real estate, there are different motivations," says Yolande Barnes. "A purchase of passion or social prestige, a business or personal move or a philanthropic projects. In turbulent economic times, islands can provide a safe haven, and top properties in <City-Linked Iceland> -Standorten up to four times as much cost as comparable property on the mainland. "
City-Linked: The Top 10 Island real estate
Course 10: Cayman Islands, Caribbean
With practiced in Cuba, not far distant communism has to Cayman Islands at the little hat. The counting of the British overseas territory of the United Kingdom is an island bred tax haven, which has blossomed into one of the leading financial centers worldwide. Water sports enthusiasts are well catered for in this divers paradise, while night owls currently rather still out in the cold. There are several investment initiatives that will increase the tourism to a higher level. Average House Price: $ 2.37 million.
9th place: islands near the east coast of Florida, USA
True seclusion on the island on the one hand, on the other hand it is but in no time on the mainland, and thus in the middle of Disneyland and the shopping paradise.Proximity to Miami and thus to US Latino scene. In this connection hard to beat.Investor-friendly environment and a reliable judicial system. Gorgeous, sprawling sandy beaches. Average House Price: 2.0 million dollars.
8th place: Hawaii, USA
This counting on the US island has cult status thanks to the TV series shot there and a Mecca for surfers. In addition to a favorable climate here also irritates the beautiful nature. Secluded beaches are not a utopia. Possibility of island-hopping helps fight the cabin fever. Average House Price: 2.0 million dollars.
Course 7: US Virgin Islands, United States
Incorporated outside the territory of the United States, Anglo-Saxon corporate law, consists of Saint Croix, Saint John, Saint Thomas Water and Iceland and other small islands, offers variety and Danish colonial buildings. Tourism is the main source of income, beautiful natural harbor, three airports, hilly profile; Low humidity combined with wind lead to a pleasant climate. Average House Price: $ 1.91 million.
6th place: islands near the west coast of Florida, USA
Here the situation is similar as for Florida's east coast. Seclusion on the island on the one hand, on the other hand it is fast on the mainland. Average House Price: $ 1.71 million.
5th place: Antigua, Caribbean
Former British colony in the Caribbean and thus characterized by a Caribbean lifestyle.Cheap wind conditions make for a sailor's paradise, turquoise water, open, wide beaches, 365 in number, and thus for each day a different, little precipitation. The landscape is dominated by palm trees, pineapple and cotton fields. Citizenships there from real estate investments of 400,000 dollars. Average House Price: $ 1.5 million.
4th place: British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
British overseas territory in the Caribbean, consisting of more than 60 islands, the official currency is the US dollar, tax haven, except excise taxes and customs duties are levied no taxes. One of the world saw the areas with most mailbox companies. It is Anglo-Saxon corporate law. Therefore, there is no accounting and auditing record keeping obligation and no obligation. Average House Price: $ 3,000,000.
Course 3: Channel Islands, Europe
Located in the English Channel island group includes Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney and Herm. Not least because of favorable tax legislation is also popular with safe havens in Europe the speech. During the global economic crisis, the Channel Islands bribed with remaining stable property prices. Numerous flights to the UK and mainland Europe. Beautiful nature. Average House Price: $ 2.5 million.
Course 2: Bahamas, Caribbean
The island benefits, not least of nearby giant US economy with its favorable conditions for the emergence of large assets. Miami is only about an hour's flight away. Religiously influenced, but also of Western lifestyle, which is reflected in the existence of casinos.The climate is pleasant, and the terms and conditions due to lack of income tax advantageous. Average House Price: $ 1.7 million.
1st place: Bermuda, Caribbean
The leader is the island with the highest concentration of property in UNHWI-owned outside the US. Here the US billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Ross Perrot shopped.With a per capita income of 84,000 dollars Bermuda among the world's richest countries. Income taxes are non-existent. By far the most expensive island real estate location. Average House Price: $4,000,000.

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